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There is no way of knowing what life can bestow but one can learn if one wants to know. this site is for the inquisitive, talented and anyone else who wishes to join!
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PostSubject: Rules:   Rules: Icon_minitimeSat Jun 26, 2010 9:36 am

1:  There is such a thing as respect and by joining this site you agree to respect ALL users, regardless of race, sex, religion, age and sexual orientation. If you and another user had a fight off of this website and you both join here - DO NOT continue the argument. It is unnecessary and only creates more work for the moderators. Fate's Intent is not a continued battle-field for users. If you have an issue with said user RELATED to this site, take it up with a moderator or an administrator. If the disagreement between users is unrelated to this current site, and is brought up within this website, both will receive a warning.  Do not take matters into your own hands because you could run the risk of getting a ban regardless if you were at fault or not. à  Also keep ALL comments about whatever happened out of this forum.  No little side comments or anything else will be tolerated.  It is NOT necessary, and can possibly start drama.  If you want to complain about it, do it elsewhere, but not within this forum itself, even if via Private Message with other members.  It will not be tolerated, and can be considered harassment.  Refer to rule # 2.
2:  Members are strongly discouraged from harassing or threatening their fellow members; whether by PM, Post or Visitor Message. If there are violations of the rules, members need not dole out punishment amongst themselves, you can report the post with the (report post) button or sending a P.M. to the Super Moderator and or Administrator. Sending a PM to the admin and/or moderators is the fastest way to get the issue handled. Said person will handle it from there.  à  Remember if you have issues with someone DO NOT send your issue to ALL moderators and/or admin of the forum.  Send it to one person and one person only.  It is guaranteed that said moderator or admin will discuss it with other the other moderators and admin. 
3:  Please refrain from harassing the moderators. They are here to help and to hold users in line by enforcing the rules. Moderators are on this site so that people can feel safe and to eliminate clutter. They are people also so be respectful.
4:  No tolerance for anything that is racist, sexist, homophobic, generally hateful, or threatening. "Banter" can be distinguished from actual "abuse", in that friendly banter does not lead any party involved, including outside viewers, to construe the message as racist, sexist, etc (this includes any version of the N word or any other types of racial slurs.) Foul language is not acceptable. The offending post(s) will and can be subjected to deletion without warning
5:  No nudity, no overtly sexually provocative images or speech, and no hate symbols of any kind.  à Please refer to Rule # 6.
6:  Sexually explicit messages and images will be deleted and the poster will receive a warning. Remember people, that there are YOUNG users that join Fate's Intent. Would you want your daughter/son, younger sibling, etc viewing explicit messages and or pictures? No. Then don't post it. There is a section for “heated lusty” conversations in the R-Mature Viewers Only section. However that doesn't mean you can explicitly cyber, be over the top descriptive on your activities. If ANY sexually related material is found ANYWHERE ELSE in this site you will receive a warning and the offending message will be deleted. Be tasteful…don't be crude
7:  Foul language is not permitted inside of Fates' Intent. Again there are young teens that can join and they don't need to see a lot of profanities. Inside of the R-Mature Viewers only -OFF-Topic section you may use profanities SPARINGLY. Other than within above said section, keep those words and types of material, out of the website in general.

8:  Do not post new topics if the topic subject has already been dealt with and closed. Please use the search or tag search before posting. Chances are a thread or post already exists. If you can't find what you need then feel free to post. When searching, use commas, and use all sorts of different words to search the subject that you are looking for. You can also scroll through the different sections of the forum looking at thread titles to see if they meet what you are looking for. If you can still not find what you are looking for, feel free to post your question.

9:  When making a new thread place it in an appropriate forum, and use a descriptive title. Thread locations and titles may be changed by the staff to more accurately reflect the topic being discussed.

10:  When making a new post please try to remain on topic. Posts may be moved or deleted without warning to keep the thread on topic. Thread bumps are considered SPAM, as they don't add anything useful to the thread. If you start a thread, and feel that people are jumping off topic, report it to the mod rather than jumping in yourself which can get you into trouble for mouthing off.

11:  Please do not make repeated nearly identical posts. This includes starting a thread about something, and then finding a thread about the same thing and reposting it there. You can delete YOUR OWN posts. You can go to edit it, and instead of editing, there is a button where you can delete it.

12:  Please try to keep the use of caps, font, and font size reasonable with what you write. Also be wary of the font color you use. There are some fonts that just do not go with the color scheme of this forum, and the moderators, can, and will, change font colors in posts and/or signatures. The same goes for font size in posts or signatures. Up to and including using a size 3 is acceptable. Sometimes when posting in the forum, using a size 4 if you are trying to get a point across in a post is acceptable; however, when using font sizes in your signature, leave them to a size 3 or smaller. The moderators will sometimes post in larger font sizes to get people’s attention to certain details of a post and/or thread.

13:  Please limit drug references, when in roleplay. We don't need to know the specifics.

14:  Please do not reply to spam or discuss spam related posts. ESPECIALLY if the post are about sexually related things or advertising other websites etc. Report the post using the report post button or by sending a Private Message (P.M.) to the Super Moderator (S.M.). Sending a PM is the fastest way to get an issue handled.

15:  This forum isn't for advertising other applications; that includes other websites. The post may be deleted, especially if it is a referral link. This includes no posting links to outside websites. If they are found in signatures, no matter what website they lead too, they will be deleted! You may post your weblink in your profile where it says 'website'. That is allowed but it should be no where else.

16:  It is forbidden to have more than one account within the forum. If you have more than one account, and it is found out, you will be forced to choose which account that you want to keep and the other will be banned. If you have been banned already, making another account is forbidden and the new name will be banned, and either the ban will be lengthened on your original name or you will receive a permanent ban.

It will be left up to the discretion of the moderator(s) whether you receive a notification, warning, or an infraction when a rule is found to be broken. Continued abuse may result in the deletion of your posts and possible banishment, the length of any ban will be determined on a case by case basis. If you have an objection to a modification or deletion of one of your posts, message a moderator, either the one who edited your post, or another one; don't complain about it in the forum. If you see a post that violates the rules, please report the post using the report post button.

Why did I get banned?-Reasons users can find themselves banned.

1) Getting too cocky with the moderators and/or admin of the forum. The moderators are people whom have volunteered their time to help in the forum and be the eyes and ears for the admin about problems and/or issues of the site. If you decide that you are going to get cocky with any of the moderators, and tease them saying “go ahead and ban me from the forum” you will automatically earn yourself a permanent ban. If you come back to the forum with a new name, that name will be banned as well. If you make rude remarks about the Administrator of the site, in a thread or a post, it will be deleted, and a permanent ban will be issued until the admin sees it and makes a judgment on it. Do not leave “threatening” messages on the moderator’s profile pages, running off at the mouth, as that will also be reported to the admin, and make it that the ban stays rather than is lifted.

2) Threatening someone, joking manner or not – threats in any form are not permitted. The length of the ban depends on the type of threat made. When a threat is noticed, the moderators will get together and discuss the seriousness of the threat, and then determine the length of the ban. Ban lengths can be anything from 1 week to permanent for this violation.

3) Using screen names that have foul language in them - even though people see it/hear it at home, on television and in movies, it shouldn't be done here. Also, no sexual screen names, if there are names, that are of a sexual nature, they will be removed out of the forum. This forum and those social websites are for ages 13 and above, and therefore, things like that are NOT appropriate for those under the age of 18. It does not matter if you are over the age of 18 years of age, it is still not appropriate. (Please Review Rule #4.)

4) Being a user under the age of 13 - MySpace/FaceBook have the age requirement of 13 and up, this forum is no exception.

5) Spamming the forum and/or not following rules. The length of the ban starts with 7 days after ignoring warnings, and if continued to be done after the ban lifts, the ban will get longer. After 3 bans (this is the 3 strikes and you are out game – no banning people 10 times and them still not getting the hint) a permanent ban will be issued with no questions asked.

My thread was deleted-
Reasons posts or threads will be edited or deleted:

1) Violation of any of the forum rules. Numerous violations of the rules will result in a ban.

2) It is argumentative or is something that can be considered to start drama in the forum. The forum is not for drama, it is to roleplay and meet people with similar interests. There is enough drama in this world than to have to deal with it in a site as well.

3) You have made multiple posts back to back within the same thread outside of the Stories section of the forum. That is considered spamming and is not tolerated. If you have made a post, and no one has replied to it yet, you can edit your post. The only way you cannot edit your post is if the thread is locked.

Reasons why threads will be locked or deleted:

1) There are multiple threads of the same topic already. Starting numerous threads on the same topic is spamming and is not tolerated. The search function is a wonderful feature in the forum. Thread tags are currently being worked on for the threads that come up more often. If you have a suggestion for a tag, send a private message to the Moderator.

2) The threads that are of topics that are harass people on ANY LEVEL. The forum is not a fighting ground, nor is it a playground. Have your fights elsewhere. The forum is not for a war of the words. DO NOT blame the moderators for the problems you are having with the site. Instead inform them and they will take care of it as soon as possible. It is not their fault, if they are having the problems as well or not, so you cannot be rude. Ignorance is rude and uncalled for and will not be tolerated.

3) They will cause drama within the forum. There is enough drama in this world than to cause drama over a roleplay. Reality Check!!!! That is just what this is. A just a roleplay/dicussion site.
4) Debate topics in the wrong section . There is a REAL LIFE section and debates go there. Granted though there is a restraint on what people can debate about. If people have different views than yourself, there is no need to go around the site finding ways to ban them. That is just a waste of energy and lack of respect. If a debate topic is placed in the wrong section it will be moved to the correct section

Keep in mind that posting in the forum is a privilege, not a right. Your privileges within the forum can be removed very fast if you do not follow the rules.
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