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PostSubject: Frequently Asked Questions   Frequently Asked Questions Icon_minitimeSat Jun 26, 2010 9:33 am

-Admin's note- If you have a question, please read through this list first and formost before asking your question. It might be that it has already been asked.

What is roleplay-

Roleplay is merely acting with made up characters by typing up scenerios and responses. So it's like writing a story where you are only one of the characters. Roleplaying has many different types of situations and genres which makes it so enticing.

What are the kinds of roleplay that are allowed?

Well there are many out there but as long as you follow the site rules, the ideas are endless. The most common roleplays are academy based, fantasy based and alot are based on movies that people are interested in. You don't have to use just those though. The more creative the plot of your summary the more interest people are going to find with it.

What is godmodding?
God modding is where someone makes a character that isn't affected by anything. IE. Jumping from 12 story buildings without a single scratch. Has all powers and controls battles..These characters make roleplaying unrealistic and a real bore. Make your character realistic, don't be afraid to get them into tricky situations or give them wounds. It gives the roleplay more life when characters play a balanced role.This site was created for the excitement of roleplay and such, it defeats the purpose if people are godmodding.

What are Mary-sues?

These are characters which are used over and over and over again. Ones that are perfect and they tie in with godmodding. A mary sue character is basically your typical character. Whether it be a typical evil or good, typical is not exciting. Instead of making a dragon breathe fire..why not make it scared of fire? Creativity is a good thing!

What are levels of roleplay?

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Frequently Asked Questions
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